Sunday, August 12, 2007

Winter Park

Orange you glad you came to this Barrand Family Reunion! On August 2nd we went to Brooklyn’s baby blessing in Heber and then we spent a night at a girls camp with all the Hogans. The drive from Heber to Winter Park should take about 8 hours, but it took us 10 because certain people are pregnant and have to stop and pee every hour. So, Jensen got bored in his car seat, so someone did an amazing job of “Spoon man theater”. Spoon man was made with chewing gum and sang all the camp songs he knew for an hour and a half. Then ,We had a really nice, relaxing family vacation in Winter Park with the grand babies. Bryce fell on his face and scraped it up on a wild mt bike ride and Marcinia made him wear this band aid to cover it up so she wouldn’t get sick looking at it. Oh the joys of being pregnant. We had birthday party for Sammy who turns 3 on the 24th.

We rode mountain bikes, we had hot dogs over the open fire, we had picnics outside with the glorious mountains. They had a nice hot tub that wasn’t too hot for little kids and we sat in that A lot to play with Sammy and Jensen. Dave was a big hit. He explained the geology of the rocks while we hiked up to a waterfall. We really missed his geological explanations when were on top of the mountain with the glacial lake and the granite topped with schist.

Dave had to leave and go work In TX on a drilling rig and JJ is SO incredibly active.. He is into everything all the time. Danica is so pregnant and tired. All three babies seemed to make poopy diapers constantly which made Marcinia wretch. She gags at any bad smell. Bryce was really great to change Sammy. Never, the less, Marcinia and Bryce make a mean wally ball team. Dave and Brad were “balls out” at wallyball. Poor dad and I almost expired trying to keep up with them. Dad is a doer and a goer. In one day we drove up to Rocky Mountain National park and way up to this 12,000 foot peak, where we hiked up with the strollers and saw this amazing vista.
Then we drove down and played miniature golf. I was JJ’s buddy to keep him out of trouble so Danica could golf. He is so cute with his drunken sailor walk and his fuzzy blond head. Dad won the European Train Game and I won the US one. Sitting around talking was so nice