Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pasadena EFT training

This last week I want to Beautiful Sunny, warm California for my Emotion Focused Therapy training. It was fantastic training, I can't wait to use this couples therapy in my practice. It's one of the few types that actually has empirical testing that shows good results. People have such a strong experience that after 13 orchestrated sessions, they are better and the change is permanent. When I was going into the Fuller Seminary Guest house, a woman dropped her magazines and they were the Ensign and New Era. This cool French woman named Gwenaelle does counseling at BYU Idaho Student center. We had a blast running around the Rose Bowl Parade route doing some shopping during our lunch breaks. Another woman I met is a runner and we ran in SHORTS in the morning. Here are some px. Then, all too soon, the dream was over and I had to come home to 7 degrees and snow.

But, that's OK, because I am so excited to see the kids and Grandkids for Christmas, I can't stand it. I've been going through the bedrooms, getting them ready like a hotel manager. I'm cleaning them, bought a new queen bed, putting flowers and vases and decorations in them, bought new towels and blankets and sheets and air fresheners and wall decor. At night mark and I sit and watch movies and make Christmas ornaments for them (our only gifts to the adult kids, since their gift this year was a plane tx to Costa Rica). It was so gratifying to see Bryce and Marcinia's tree at thanksgiving and see that many ornaments they owned were the ones we gave them.

I am so thankful that Mark paid for my EFT training tuition and I think it will change my life for the better :) I have an interview with LDS social services on Tuesday the 18th. It's been a lifelong dream to work there and to open up my own counseling practice.