Sunday, January 09, 2011

December 2010

Christmas started with a photographer taking the MNT's picture at Danica's. Lily and JJ cross weapons over who gets to torment Charley.
Lily loves her PJ's on Christmas Eve.
A Princess Christmas for Lily.

As it turns out, Lily loves the heat of the fireplace and enjoys it by taking all the dolls clothes off and her own clothes off.....ahh
At the reception Dec 30th, Lily looked up at Don in his manly marines uniform and asked him "are you the prince?"
Wonderful Denver friends showed up for the reception even though the night was snowy and icy.

Every hand washing is an opportunity to make the most of playing in the water.
Grandma and Grandpa liked the "Wings over the Rockies". We saw and my office and had lunch.
Charley had a special and beguiling hairdo for Don's reception.