Sunday, September 28, 2008

A good moment in therapy

I had a really good moment this last week.. I saw a client who's about my age and makes 6 figures. At first we were doing marriage therapy with her and her husband, but then the two of them started doing a little better because she learned to share her feelings with him, so now I just see her for her anxiety.
Part of the problem is that she has a tithing problem and hasn't felt worthy of God's help with her anxiety. She has to keep a pill in her pocket all day in case she needs it at work because she gets so anxious she just melts down (not good when you are a manager of many people) and sits at her desk immobile with anxiety thinking" I'm going to loose my job". She's been popping one daily.
Any way, the cool part of the intervention was knowing that she's going to get herself worthy AND I had some ideas for her from a OCD book I just read. I told him to have a daily "anxiety appointment" where she spends 15 minutes every night just cutting loose on the anxiety, worrying her head off and not trying to think of positive thoughts. That she only allow herself to worry during her appointment and if she starts to have anxiety during the day, turn it to problem solving. I compared her to a puzzle and she is to let all the pieces just jumble out of the frame during the anxiety appointment. Then put herself back together by problem solving and generating solutions. Then to tell her husband her anxiety and her solutions so they can keep their self-disclosure going. We tried it during session and she did really, really well. It's helps thelp the anxious person get a grip on the anxiety. Get control of it, by postponing it. Doing therapy for LDS family services is so fun because you can talk about the atonement and healing, hope and faith. Change and eternity.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


After a long exhausting week of teaching, counseling and dad's lawsuit, Dad and I did a 2 hour mtn bike ride. It had rained alot on Friday, but Saturday dawned bright and shining, with snow on the mountains as a reward for out eyes after we struggled up the hills.
I rode Hazel on Saturday afternoon and made it through a tricky obstacle course which included "backing up". You should see what you have to do if the horses rear isn't straight when you start into the back so you can make it through the cones.... Saturday night we got to see JJ at the Thomas the train exhibit.
We had a birthday party for Lily's birthday. She is so cute and so huggable and is now saying "up". It's an multipurpose word which means just about anything she needs it to mean!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day in Breckenridge

Friday morning Danica and I went to garage sales and I found a "Thomas the train take along set" for JJ. It was 200$ of stuff for only 17$. This was important because we babysat him Saturday night in a hotel room and needed something to keep his interest. He was so excited his hands shook for 2 hours and he wouldn't go to sleep. At riding lessons, they let me graduate to a quicker horse named Hazel and I passed off tight circles and trotting tight circles. We headed for the mountains.....

I talked Mark into buying us these mt. bikes. "Hard Tails" have just one suspension on the front. These were "full suspension" Which means nice for over 50 year old backs and butts. We started on an easy trail and took a 2 hour ride through the forest near Dillon. The mountains were breathtaking and even with the beetle kill, beautifully green, very fragrant with a sparkling lake. Mark points out that this year, 2008:
I started skiing and enjoying it
I got scuba certified
I'm taking riding lessons
We started trail riding with our mtn. bikes
There are some big advantages to having the kids all grown and raising their own chillen!