Sunday, September 14, 2008


After a long exhausting week of teaching, counseling and dad's lawsuit, Dad and I did a 2 hour mtn bike ride. It had rained alot on Friday, but Saturday dawned bright and shining, with snow on the mountains as a reward for out eyes after we struggled up the hills.
I rode Hazel on Saturday afternoon and made it through a tricky obstacle course which included "backing up". You should see what you have to do if the horses rear isn't straight when you start into the back so you can make it through the cones.... Saturday night we got to see JJ at the Thomas the train exhibit.
We had a birthday party for Lily's birthday. She is so cute and so huggable and is now saying "up". It's an multipurpose word which means just about anything she needs it to mean!

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b-ryce said...

I like the pics! Sounds like you and dad are livin it up!