Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trip to Washington DC, Westminister MD to see Celeste

We took a trip to visit Celeste in her new house. It's so nice- new woodwork and granite countertops, a nice fenced back yard and lots of finished basement for toys. My favorite item in the house is chubby bubba Hunter. Here he is sitting in his bumbee chair.
We got to drive to WV and see Harper's Ferry. It's a civil war cite that's been restored and passed between north and south several times. Ate some mighty fine BBQ there too.See my "Hands off my Health care sign." I carried this sign with 600 thousand people on the Sept 15 tea party patriot march in protest of Obama up Pennsylvania Avenue to the capitol in DC.
There were some really great signs and really angry protesters. This was one of my favs.

This is the Baltimore inner harbor. We also got to go to the national aquarium and Celeste cried at the dolphin show.
What would be a trip back east without war sights and forts? Here's Mark and Brooklyn at fort McHenry.