Monday, January 18, 2010

Utah Wedding for Amber Bertram

My niece Amber Married Justin Last weekend. It was so great to see all the family at the bountiful temple for this beautiful wedding. A big highlight was the sealer/temple president. He had written out a half hour "talk" and memorized it.
I never tire of my funny, accomplished and tall brothers. Chad had lost 40 lbs. Eric is doing well at his new Engineering job. Rick brought all the equipment for Kalie to sing at the wedding.
Stayed one night with Mom and Dad. Here's Lily and Charley snuggling up to Great Grandpaw and Grandmaw.
Got to go shopping with Austin. He had no food in his cupboards. I was a little astonished to see he can look so good on what he eats and doesn't eat. Tiana did my hair, we looked for a painting with Marcia and Danica and I visited her medical spa for laser treatment. It is so great to have such accomplished kids.
The Hogan side of the wedding party minus Leslie's fam.
My favorite only little sister in her beautiful new kitchen her husband Brad built. Cinnamon stain on Maple cabinets- absolutely beautiful! What a talented guy. But maybe he should open his eyes for pictures.