Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hanging out with Danica, JJ, Lily and Charlie

So, I've decided to sell my Home Care Franchise and head back to school to finish my PhD. There are great waves of happiness over this decision. It means I get to hang out with Danica more.
We've lived in HR of 16 years and I've never been to the craft fair. Really wanted to go and get ideas for Homemade Christmas gifts. But Dad's "feet always hurt". Hooray! Danica wanted to go while Dave was having a "man cave" day with his friends. We made it through with all three kids and were so inspired we decided to visit Jo-Ann Fabrics and get fabric for a quilt for Lily's new bunk bed. Two year old Lily proves to be the biggest hindrance to forward motion. Danica had a long line of people behind her at the cut counter when she discovered she needed a large bolt of pink fleece. I ran to get it, but alas, Lily also ran....straight for the far end candy rack where she could do some instant, quick and expensive damage. Luckily I lift weights and run because it was all I could do to try to coax her to go the opposite direction. She would have nothing to do with that! She wanted her new-found treasures. She did her infamous non-violent protest "make myself a lump of loose muscles on the floor trick" It was so complicated to pick up Lily and balance the unwieldy heavy bolt of fabric and maneuver them quickly the long yards to rescue Danica. Lily was screaming and kicking, we got the looks from the ladies in the line. Later we are eating lunch at (you guessed it) McDonald's play place and Charlie spit up all over the pages of my new Franklin planner.
It's easy to put things into perspective and forgive Lily all her rebellion and defiance when she flies out of the barrel slide from the play place and runs over to me and wraps her arms around me and hugs me.
Franchise fees, lost wages and costs 115K
Franklin Planner that will never smell the same $100
Running Hug Jump from Lily: Priceless

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snow, Snow and more Snow

Sledding is fun when we have grandma trained to pull us up the hill.
Lily decided she liked my velvet skirt and climbed into it like a lily sleeping bag

We heard that Bryce and his family had an easter egg hunt last Saturday. On our Saturday, we had snow and so we went sledding with Lily and JJ. Tonight I sent my ACC class home an hour and a half early. My 15 minute ride took an hour on the unplowed roads. Pretty scarey. Watched a pick up do a 360 right in front of me.