Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving 07

I am so thankful for my thanksgiving.
1) I got to hold, kiss, change and cuddle Lily. We blessed her this morning at Bryce's house. She is the sweetest baby, easy to smile, easy to comfort. Perfectly proportioned from her tiny head, ample cheeks and thunder thighs....
2) I got to spend the night with my Mom and Dad in Ogden. I cleaned Mom's kitchen, we did a Ghantt chart on preparing the turkey, gravy, stuffing, etc etc. We took a walk on the mountain path by their house. Got to spend time with my Brother Rick and his 3 youngest kids who are all tall and attractive and funny.
3) I got to stay with Bryce and Marcinia. U of U who was ahead of BYU 10 to 9 in the last 2 minutes. The dog in the back yard dug up the cable to the TV and we lost the picture. I've never seen Bryce so upset. Finally we got it back on just in time to see the last shining touchdown of the game for BYU! We won!
4) Sammy has a new bedroom and we played a game I call "Christmas presents"
5) Shopping, shopping, shopping in wonderful Utah. They have stores we don't have in Denver. Danica who I could never get to go shopping with me in her creative element buying card making supplies, Marcinia showing us all the Cool stuff at Ikeya- Scandinavian design furniture, I bought a platform birch bed. And Tiapan trading.
There's no place like Utah.....There's no place like Utah....

Friday, November 02, 2007

Teaching Art History

So, I teach 2 sections of Art History this quarter and I absolutely love it! This week I was preparing a lecture on Neo-Classical Art and I came across an amazing picture. This is by an Italian trained, Swiss Artist named Angelica Kauffman. She was one of only 2 women artists in the Royal Academy in London. This painting is from an incident from ancient Republican Rome where a rich lady visitor who was showing Cornelia her jewels. She then requested to see those of her hostess. Cornelia replies as she indicates to her children, "These are my jewels".
That is so true! I'm so proud of my kids! They were worth all the years I stayed home.