Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tiana's Wedding

The bridemaids dresses were somewhat of challenge considering I had to sew a wide variety of sizes and 2 pregnant women (7 months)
Preston's sisters and Tiana's sisters supporting Preston. The view of the mountains at the Pointe was spectacular.
My sister Leslie the chocolate lover. The Van Dykes put on a catered dinner at their church building.
It's fun having a wedding in Utah when you live in CO. I got to see my cousin Jeff. His house was next to ours where I grew up and we all hung out in a gang of cousins and rode dirt bikes.
Tiana's strategy was to wear old sweats and no makeup for three days so she'd look really amazing to Preston at the wedding. She was going for the big contrast effect. Here she's just done my hair.
Aussie sees Celeste for the first time in 2 years and says "Dang Celeste, you've been busy"
There were some pretty good views at the reception center, both inside and out.
Hmmm. Isn't a chocolate fountain supposed to flow cascades of chocolate? This looks like ????

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Oh my goodness! Austin is Home!

He's here. He's really here. Minus a few teeth---but taller and better. We picked him up from the airport on Friday the 6th. So confident and mature. Where did that little boy we sent out go? He couldn't get over the mountains on the way home from the beautiful they are......He's still a big goofball.....but now he's a spiritual man with goals and agendas. At one point I was making dinner in the kitchen HE CAME IN TO HELP ME and when were done, he said, "What should I do now.?" It's like he's trying to schedule every moment and make it count. It was amazing. And he finishes a lot of sentences with "aye"