Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cousin Camp in Branson Mo.

Celeste, Brooklyn and Hunter flew down from Baltimore, Danica JJ Lily and Charleen flew over from Denver. Marcia Sam and Lucas flew into Branson from Salt Lake City. We all met for a really fun, loud, warm weather week at our vacation home on 141 Foggy Bay Lane, Branson Canyon MO.

Hunter said "Lets have a women party" We were a little confused. Finally we ascertained he was saying "swimming party"
Danica had farm morning and the kids made crafts.The kids painted crafts for their mothers day gifts.We tried eating at Olive garden with all the children. It was a little noisy. Later we got two babysitters from the Branson ward and had a girls night out shopping at Branson landing!
These pirate boats were fun to make, but did not last in the pool.
Two little pirates sitting on the step.
Arrugh matey. I found fruit snacks in the buried treasure.
We celebrated Brooklyn's and Jensen's birthday with a wild Pirate party and sword fights.
Lucas the swimmer boy.

Yay for tye dye and cousins. We had to bribe them with ice cream to get this shot.
Charley likes to be thrown up in the air and caught.
Silver Dollar city in our matching salmon t shirts for the women and tye dye for the kids.
We swam at the pool every day. The kids loved shooting me and each other with the water cannons.
The 3 legged race on "cousin olympics" Marcia was trying to get the children to do races. You can see Lily racing away in the background. This activity reminded me of herding cats.
There was a play set and a pool right by our Branson house.At any given time it seemed like at least one child was crying! But, what a blessing to all be together at once in the beautiful sunshine. It had been raining solid in MO and the lake was high, roads flooded and loads of leaves and flowers everywhere.
Silver Dollar city is a fun place to soar in the butterfly ride with your cousins!