Sunday, May 17, 2009

What we've been up to....

Spring semester at ACC ended and I took a photo of one of my favorite classes in Human Growth and development for the nursing students. These 16 women and 1 man were expressive, story tellers, talkative. I always wonder if they enjoy me as much as I enjoy them. One student gave me a plant and a thank you card that said "I so much enjoyed your class, I feel like I have learned so much and realize I have a lot to learn. Because of you and your wonderful teaching I feel like I have grown, you've made a difference in my life." She's the one in the jean jacket in the middle of the px.
We went to the Newport Marriot condos with Bryce, Marcia, Sammy, Lucas and Austin. They condo's were beautiful, right on the beach. Sammy is always running, talking, making us laugh. Lucas is huggy and communicates by pulling on your finger and dragging you where he wants you to go.
There were tide pools at Laguna beach. We also went to Balboa beach and body surfed and ate sushi on the way home.
Our favorite was Shamu at Sea World. We didn't mind getting splashed. Sammy did the Shamu slap and I cried.
Mark waited for 45 minutes at Legoland for this ride for Sammy. Mark was not happy. Luckily we got to the first of the line with the wheelchair passes.
This pirate boat shot water and Sammy loved it.