Sunday, February 27, 2011

The master bedroom in the model

The family room in the model, we are hoping to have dark wood floor

We like these colors. This is the outside.

The new house


Master Bath

extra bedroom

downstairs bath

Well, after a few years of wandering about in this huge house by ourselves, we've decided to downsize and buy a smaller, newer house with a view of the mountains.
It's in Parker and it will be finished in 4 months.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Snow, Snow and more Snow....

I'ts freezing cold here in Denver. We had -15 for two days and this morning we were out shoveling again. To celebrate all this cold and snow, I decided to get extensions in my hair to keep me warmer. :)

However, while we were at the ice sculpture competition in Breckenridge. Mark did say all that long hair reminded him of something else. Ach! Medusa! The snow was so beautiful up there. Nothing like sitting in the Grand Timber hot tub and watching the soft quiet snow fall. Oh my we live in such a beautiful world.

But the snow was difficult for the cars on the freeway. The 1.5 hour trip home turned into 5 hours. I read Mistborn to Mark to keep him awake. We passed one car of a young man who had stopped, then lost momentum and just couldn't get his car up the icy road to the Eisenhower tunner. I felt so sorry for his dilemma, but how do you help? He had absolute panic on his face. We all had to try to get around him. At that moment I was so thankful for the AWD Murano. Another two were driving with their doors completely torn off. They were wearing only bandannas on their faces to keep them warm.