Sunday, November 19, 2006

Salzburg Prague Germany

Aug 11 We hit Salzburg. Must say something about Mark here. He has this delusion that he's in the TV series "Amazing Race". We hustle from site to site, hefting our huge back packs. He's feverishly reading maps. Brad Celeste and Mark were all the leaders I found it easier to follow. Salzburg was where the Sound of Music was filmed so we hit those sights and also Mozarts Museum since he grew up there.
Aug 12 We were so excited to got to Prague because we heard the exchange rate was better so we'd be able to buy more food with our money. We went crazy on Lunch. We were confused and ordered "one of everything" on the authentic menu. Brad had a pig knuckle and Celeste thought the pear drinks were 40cents. They actually were four dollars. But, string ensemble was fun and the sausages were a highlight of our trip. I ate 3 in one day.
We saw the Newenswander Castle on the 14th. Disney modeled his sleeping beauty castle after this one. Usually castles had paintings of the crucifixion. This was different in that the paintings were of Wagners operas. It was exquisite.

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