Sunday, March 25, 2007

A wild, wild night at the Denver temple

Last Thursday I was assigned to do the greeting in the chapel. My buddy told me that the men just get thrown in but the women are all well trained. Ha! We seemed to be shorthanded, because they told me that they would send a sister to help me seat the patrons AND they would come and take the people who were waiting in the chapel to another room because the chapel was to be used for a special chapel service. But, no one came. People were coming in huge waves. There seemed to be a group for a wedding so I put them in one spot. Then there was a group for the 7:00 pm session but, it was only the men because little did I know the wives weren't showing up because they were being directed to one of the rooms which was being used as the waiting area for the session. The brothers kept coming up to me and saying "Where is my wife". It was as if all the wives had been swallowed up. I couldn't leave, I couldn't go ask for help. It was only my third night and it was 100 people in pandemonium. I was smiling sweetly and politely and looking like I knew what I was doing and I hadn't a clue what was going on! Finally someone came and we sent the brothers to meet up with their wives. They hustled me off to a session and needed me to do things I hadn't been trained on and dared not risk without help. So there I was with the sweet smile again, 2 hours overdue for the rest room, trying to look confident! But, I'll get it one of these days. Many of those people have been there since the temple opened 13 years ago. They are all loving and lovely and It's a pleasure and a blessing to serve there.


b-ryce said...

this is really funny!

Mikidees said...

Wow mom!
hats off to you for your sweet smile. AND holding you bladder that long!