Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sammy the Dinosaur

Bryce and Marcia and Sam came for the weekend to see Bryce's friend who's home from the Peace Corps. We got them to go to water world with us. There is a dinosaur tube ride where you go to the "center of the earth" Sammy rode in our tube and his eyes were as big as paper cups when the tyrannosaurs rex rises up in front of your tube. Then I bought him these fighting dino toys and he wanted to play with them all weekend. Then I was mowing the lawn and here came Sammy in his dinosaur footie pJ's with his little fisher-price mower and helped me. When you ask him to smile, he growls like a T-Rex. What have we done to our grandchild?


mark said...

They say we are as old as Dinosaurs so I think we are trying to condition Sammy to handle how ancient we are.

b-ryce said...

Thanks so much, that was a great weekend!!! We loved seeing you guys! The park was great, and the company was even better!

Your camera takes such great pics.

Mikidees said...

Its nice that you get to spoil little Sammy and help him roar/growl at EVERYTHING!