Saturday, April 26, 2008

From Two of us to 15 of us for a whole week

Sammy held JJ's hand at the Zoo. It was pretty cute. Then JJ decided he didn't like being led around and ran away.
Me, Tiana and the five cuttest grandbabies in the world.

Tiana flew to Salt Lake City to help Danica, Dave, Lily and JJ move into our basement house for the summer. Dave showed up with his buddy Matt. Don slept here occasionally. He didn't want to put a crimp in his social life by staying here too much. Bryce, Marcia, Sammy and Lucas drove over and Celeste and Brooklyn flew in. We went to the Zoo, we ate Pizza and had Lucas Blessed. We all listened to an amazing report of Tiana's mission on Sunday and Celeste sang in church. There were diapers and people and toys and Tiana talking on the phone to guys and cutting hair everywhere. It was wonderful mayhem.


Brad said...

I'm so sad that I missed it all!

b-ryce said...

you missed out brad :)