Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Last Great Family Px

Hmm, thinking back on 2008. I've had a full year of teaching 8 sections of on ground college psychology and human growth and development and 16 sections of Psych, Art History and Ethics for the online school. I worked at LDS Family services and did counseling most the year, then Dec. 1 I started a private practice. Counseling there was great although they paid poorly and it restored my confidence in my ability to do therapy. Now Mark and I are empty nesters I sit around sad and languishing and missing my kids...unable to get motivated NOT! This year I did 3 new things and I'm truly happiest when I get to see Danica's 2 kids. She only lives 10 minutes away. They come over at least 1x a week, but they have to make an appointment.... he he he.
This star was px might be our best and our last.


Aqualung said...

When we first got married you said when you were a grandma you wanted to be so busy that the grand kids would have to make an appointment to see you. Well you have your dream and you have arrived. Congratulations!!!

b-ryce said...

best picture yet! I'm so proud of all your hard work this year!