Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Celeste's Month Long Visit.

Brad and Celeste have been here for a month. I think it's different when you know you only have a month with a grown child and then they go away for years to far away Maryland.......
almost every day she and I and Danica get together and do something.
First, as you know, we all went to Costa Rica without the grand babies.
Then we had a baby shower and wedding shower for her and Tiana combined
We went swimming a few times at the rec center
Then Brad finished up his first draft of his Thesis and flew to Illinois to visit with the Professor in charge and then drive their car to Maryland.
Then we went to the aquarium
And the stock show
Sledding at Lonesome Pine Park in Acres green

We have been shopping for her new baby boy due April 7
Then we went to the Children s Museum

Wow, Children under 3 are very messy, demanding, noisy, and really, really cute and fun. I have decided it's good you have them when you are young because I feel really, really thankful to have had this time with them and really, really tired.

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b-ryce said...

I'm jealous of all the great family time, you got to spend together! All thoses activities look like fun! Its sad that they live so far away now :(