Sunday, April 12, 2009

Been in Bocca Raton..... or in other words..... paradise.

Mark helped me and Rick Roedel buy a home care franchise called Preferred Care. We provide reliable affordable and compassionate caregivers for elderly folks in their homes. Some of the services might include companionship, house keeping, meal prep, medication reminders, hygiene assistance, transportation and more. Preferred Care at home put us up in their beautiful condo which doubles as their corporate office right on the beach, Pinky white sand, surfers, moonlight beaches and always a great breeze.
This last week was my training and I had this unbelievable marble bath all to myself. It was a special treat to have my morning and evening bath in this claw foot tub

Frank and Jody Guerri started this home care business 2x. So they are excellent teachers and just good Christian people.
I am still seeing about 10 clients every week in the evenings and Fridays. I had a fantastic day when I returned to Denver. The people I saw were ready to work hard, take risks and GET BETTER! It makes a huge difference when people are humble and teachable, Otherwise counseling with someone who is stuck and hard hearted is a painful and draining experience


Mikidees said...

I'm super excited for you mom. When you business goes well you will have to get that tub:)

Angela Baillio (Fernandez) said...

so jealous of that tub!

Aqualung said...

There seems to be a recurring theme of "beach" in your life. Make that business hum and dance and we can afford to live by the beach.

b-ryce said...

God luck with the new business! I'm excited for you! It looks like a good idea.