Sunday, July 05, 2009

Backpacking with Tiana and Preston

For the 4th of July, Tiana and Preston were wonderful enough to meet us in Vail where we did the 10 mile trip to Notch Mountain. This is a special hike, because you can see the Holy Cross mountain from the top of Notch and many people thought if you hiked up all 13,000 feet, you'd be healed up there. We backpacked in the first night and had fun eating freeze dried dinners over our fire.

We watched fireworks in Beaver Creek the night of the 4th. They were spectacular. Then on the 5th Mark came horseback riding with me. It was a perfect trip except Tiana pulled two muscles and Preston got a little sick from the altitude.


Celeste said...

I like how you are chomping into that wood! The food not that good? You look like a natural on that horse.

b-ryce said...

Look at mom and Tiana! You guys are roughing it! I'm impressed.