Sunday, August 30, 2009

Girlzilla Aug 09

When Celeste told us that Brad would be gone to New Mexico for 2 weeks, we invited her to Denver. Bryce and Marcia drove over for a high school reunion. Tiana flew in, Don and Austin drove over and for the first time in many, many years we had all the Barrand children together. Saturday morning the 21st we had Girlzilla- an early morning horse ride up on the bluffs and a glorious night away from the kids and the men to make jewelry and sew table runners in the Marriott.
Oh Joy, all my 6 cute grandkids together at once
We met the guys on their bikeride up on the bluffs
Sammy's Spiderman birthday party at Bellevue Park
Sewing with the girls
The train at Bellevue park only costs 1$!
My horse like to gallop. The mountains behind us are stunning.

Swimming at HR pool.


Aqualung said...

You got to sew and I got to ride bikes with Bryce and play racquetball with Don and Austin. Let's do girlzilla again next year.

b-ryce said...

very fun weekend!

Brian & Carly said...

How fun! I want to see samples of your jewelry/table runners!