Monday, December 14, 2009

The Family Px!

Look at my incredible family: This was a learning new things year!
Celeste and Brad worked really hard on this one. I think it turned out fabulous. Celeste took up photography this year and bought herself a nice camera and some lights and read every library book on photography she could get her hands on. She also taught herself a photoshop program. Really good first effort--don't you think???? I am really proud of her.

Bryce has spend about 12 days and uncovered 400 names doing genealogy. The spirit of Elijah keeps him up late at night after the kids are in bed. He's also really helped Austin at Media Rain and learned to finish a basement and fix an old pick-up.

Austin started an internship at Rain and drives his new truck to work every day for some programming. We asked him if he wanted to come home for Christmas and he said "No, I want to stay and learn PHP."

Tracy learned so much about running a new business. I've had to learn quickbooks and do payroll, invoices and manage caregivers for my home care franchise with my partner Rick Roedel along with my 3 sections of college psychology, 15 hours of counseling a week and trying to be a temple worker, I have learned about waking up at 4 and worrying.

Danica tries to manage THREE children 3 and under and still finds time for young women and her projects. I am really proud of what she gets done and how patient she is with the kids and doing "school" with JJ.

Tiana has learned so much as an esthetician about laser everything. She works at one of the nicest medical spa's in Utah.

Don is protecting us in Afganistan....learning lots and in leadership.

Mark has learned the Magic of Sunday dinners- he invites all the investigators and newly baptized members over almost every Sunday. We really enjoy having the missionaries live in our basement and the association on Sunday evenings. Mark is also the temple veil coordinator and has learned (the hard way) about asking for help in the beginning and getting things to run smoothly


Lady Baillio said...

I love the new picture! I look forward to it each December!

b-ryce said...

What a great letter! Thanks mom and dad for doing these letters.