Monday, February 22, 2010

The HCG Diet

Mark at his beloved aquarium with a giant sting ray swimming over his head. I think our camera got water from the aquarium in the lense because everything is fuzzy.
The shark is swallowing me.
Thank goodness Mark's scuba equipment is a little newer than this stuff.
We've been lucky to watch Charley lately and this is her smile.
This is the skirt I bought to celebrate. On the HCG Diet you loose about 1 pound a day. I lost 18 in 21 days and went from a size 12 to an 8. it feels really great! An older gentleman on the track stops me every morning and tells me how much better I look. I't kind of a difficult diet. You have to give yourself a pregnancy hormone by injection every morning, you only eat 500 calories and you can't eat bread. But It's worth it! I'm trying to get my larger clients to go on it.


Celeste said...

Mom you look awesome!! Congrats on loosing weight!! That skirt is really cute. (Its looks like you need to clean your camera lens.)

Mikidees said...

You look great mom. Its funny you spent all those years actually pregnant wishing you weren't now you are acting like you are. Shigh thats pretty messed up:)

Tiana & Preston said...

Mom you look amazing and thin. Im so proud of you

Brown Family said...

Way to go Tracy! You look fabulous! I was actually quite shocked to hear that you were doing this diet, cause I thought you looked great before. I'm also doing the diet...I'm down 44 lbs today! Will be in Phase two for a few more weeks and then move into maintenance.

Aqualung said...

Even with a fuzzy lens you look hot.

Jay said...

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