Monday, April 11, 2011

Tangled and girls vs boys

The most interesting thing happened while we were watching Disneys "Tangled". Jensen was finding the slap stick humor (skillets hitting people in faces and horses hooffing people in the chest) so hilarious he was jumping on the couch with big loud gafaws. A very boy thing to do.

Lily on the other hand was covering her mouth in the "oh no" way that girls do. She looked like she would cry when the protagonist dies and she heard me sniffing, so she sniffed too. It was a perfect example of observational modeling, a concept I just happened to be teaching at ACC this morning. Tangled, by the way is my Disney favorite.


Danica McDonald said...

It was fun mom! JJ is a BOY and Lily is a GIRL. That kid in your ACC class obviously dosent have kids

Aqualung said...

I'm just glad you don't hit me with a skillet to make Jensen laugh. That wouldn't help Lily either if she is modeling behavior. We don't want her to hit people with a skillet.