Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Christmas 2012

It started with the ward Christmas Party on the 5th and ended today when I took Aussie to the airport at 0'dark thirty. What a wonderful season full of family and happiness. Here is the px that Brad photoshopped for us. It was so great to have Tiana and Preston come for a few days and Aussie come for 10 days. Highlights:
1) The Home Pagent where we dressed Lily up as Mary and JJ as Joseph. Danica's Chinese exchange students were wisemen. Charley couldn't get over her costume and kept saying "I an angel!"
2) Making table runners. Watching Danica's kids so she could make gifts. (still so sick with her pregnancy, this was a huge effort for her)
3) "dates" with JJ and Lily were we make a gingerbread tree and played in the dollhouse respectively.

4) the beautiful snow, and boys to ski and board on it at copper mountain
5) We were in charge of The ward Christmas party (as the newest members of the ward) and we got to know some great people. Kyle Ankerman did the food and the chicken Marsala was the best we've ever tasted at a church building. Mark did the entertainment and people told their experience with a Christmas Hymn and then we sang it....all the while there was a beautiful slide show of px of Christ.
6) Family, Family, Family. Preston can be so friendly and interested in everyone. Tiana was so excited to be pregnant and fun to shop with, fun to show the things she decorated in my house., Aussie hung with Dave, helped alot and acts older and mature, having a career does wonders for the self-esteem. Our trainer was really impressed with his bulk and chiseledness since she last saw him. The grand kids squealing with delight at their new toys. We all rode the lightrail downtown to visit Dave at work and eat lunch downtown.

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Celeste said...

Some great pics mom! I'm sorry I missed the festivities!