Saturday, May 05, 2007

Trip to Costa Rica part II

Sunday April 29th Monte Verde.
Today we explored National park by sunlight. This was mostlybutterfly and bird watching. Our guide had a scope. Though we saw 15 different birds in the jungle, our big goal was to spy the infamous Quetzel. The tour was finished and we were sitting disappointed outside the park. We had heard them but not seen them. We were able to convince the guide to go back in for just "one more look" and viola! There it was. This is a px of Mark with a plant called "hot lips"
In the afternoon we went on a sky trek canopy zip line 600 feet above the canyon. There were 11 zip lines and the longest was 1/2 mile long. That was pretty thrilling to be hurtling long and seeing the jungle and canyon WAY WAY below.

Tuesday May 1st Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste
Mark did scuba and saw pufferfish and skates. He was warned to stay low when the sharks came because the female was pregnant and in a foul mood. But, his weight belt wasn't heavy enough and the dive master had to push him down. Tracy went shopping in the town and fell in love with the jewelry made of jungle woods. Most the places we stayed don't have walls so you get some visitors. I saw a huge green iguana with a striped tail coming down the tree by my computer while I was emailing.

Wednesday May 2 Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste
I got to snorkel and saw lots of schools of colorful fish. My guide dove down and found me 2 sea turtles and a pufferfish. Mark tried surfing and was able to get up with no help. We found that we were often the only 50 year olds on our adventure tours. Most the other people were in their 20's and on their honeymoon. We loved the fruit, especially the pineapple which was so fresh and strong and the papaya. We tried to eat it every mean instead of the beans and rice they eat with almost every meal. We ended our tour in the busy, busy town of San Jose and hated to leave paradise.

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b-ryce said...

Hey dad, I love the hot lips. You should have brought back some of that fresh pineapple for us.