Thursday, May 24, 2007

2 Days in Heaven and 2 Weeks in VA

I saw adorable little Clara Brooklyn on the 18th and 19th of May. She's perfect and beautiful and only cries when she's having her a bath. This is a picture of her when Brad is combing her hair, which mesmerizes her. Brad and Celeste are both very involved, loving parents.

There are frogs croaking and owls hooting and so many trees and beautiful woods!
I am in Lynchburg VA taking a class in Research Design for my PhD. It is the
first class I was supposed to take and they have succeeded in frightening me to
death. I guess less than 50% of people who undertake a Doctorate Degree finish
because they can’t write the 250 page dissertation. In addition to that, I don’t
know how I’m going to pass the comprehensive exam and the advanced statistics
class. I guess it will be like eating an elephant… bite at a time.
I rented a navigation system for $10 to get here from Richmond VA where I got a
cheaper plane ticket. It was a 3 hour drive. I have a flawed sense of
direction. When you make a wrong turn the female voice in the box says “make u turn”
or “recalculating” or “impossible to get there from here” I swear I heard her
say one time when I was in the middle of nowhere ”ya’ll are a big ninny”

Jerry Fallwell was the founder of this school and his funeral was yesterday. It’s kind of cool that he had a vision of Christian education from K through Doctorate Degree. I can just imagine the conversation that went on 3 days ago when he died.
Falwell: "Well, God I built your university in Virginia"
God: "Well Jerry,have your ever heard of Provo? Let me introduce you to Brigham Young.
Jerry Fallwell invited Mitt Romney to give the commencement address this year. When people complained Fallwell just said that he thought the University could survive one Mormon speaker.

It’s nice we start with prayer every morning. The professor asks everyone what
their prayer requests are and then one of the 5 ministers in our class says a
prayer. They don’t use thee or thou, I can’t wait til it’s my turn to pray!

I have to develop a proposal for my dissertation for my class. I'm thinking of doing it on "miracles in marriage"
On people who have had rials such as infidelity or sga and who have
been able to overcome,stay married and have the Savior heal them.

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Mikidees said...

Go mom! I know you will bring the spirit by your prayer. I think a miracle dissertation would be cool too. It would almost like you have had personal experience with the atonement and miracles:)