Sunday, June 03, 2007

I survived the Baptists

This is a picture of my dorm at Liberty. One the right are my friends from my first class Marci and Susan. Then my friends Ann, Rachel and I from my second spectacular class. Professor Scott Hawkins and the subject matter were good but a woman I met, Ann (on Left) is a marriage therapist in Rural Canada who uses Emotion Focused Couples therapy by a woman named Sue Johnson in Ottowa. It's fantastic stuff, it helped me understand what happened in my marriage and what Mark and I need to work on. Then Ann prayed with me and helped me understand forgiveness in a new way. It's all attachment based which is my new meta-theory. I want to get some training and help people as much as it has helped me!
I ran 2 miles on the university track in the mornings to stay awake in my 8 hour class and it was so humid I was drenched in the first 5 minutes. My curly hairstyle did not survive this humidity. I discovered the "Golden Corral" an all you can eat southern cooking buffet. My there were some LARGE people at the trough with me. Ya'll shoud try the turnip greens with bacon. mmmmm

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Mikidees said...

Im glad you survived AND came away with some positive ideas. When are going to write that article? Welcome back home!