Monday, September 24, 2007

Grandchild #4 Lily Elaine McDonald 6lbs 12 oz 9/15/07

She's here! And she sure is cute! And tiny! And kissable! And she looks and acts just like Danica. A dream baby who just eats well and sleeps alot.I'm in Rexburg Idaho. My favorite trick with her is I kiss her when she's hungry and she is really strong for a 1 week old human being and she tries to suck my cheeks. I'm going to put some px of her on my blog when Danica and Dave wake up. Dave just built himself a new computer and it has a dual processor and he said it's twice as powerful as his old one and a high definition graphics card. I run around after Jensen most the day. He is a dynamo of energy. Danica and Dave live next to friends who have a boy Jensen's age. This is the process Danica has to go through just to do laundry. #1. Go to the store and pay 10 bucks for a roll of quarters. Oh, and it's really more complicated than that because it takes 1/2 hour to get the 2 babies ready for the store and another 15 minutes to get them both buckled into their car seats. #2. Sort all the dirty laundry. Each kid gets 2-4 outfits dirty every day. #3. Take the kids over to Mandy's apartment while you make 2 to three trips to lug the baskets of laundry down steep steps to the coin operated machines in a separate building. Put 3$ in quarters in. #4. Pick up the kids from Mandy's. Go back in 37 minutes Take the kids to Mandy's again and move the three loads into three dryers. Put another $4 in quarters in.Pick up the kids. #5. Take the kids to Mandy's again while you make two trips to lug the dry laundry back up the stairs to the apt. Pick up the kids #6. Spend the rest of the day trying to sort and fold and put away the Laundry while you are nursing the baby and trying to keep Jensen away from your work. Oh my gosh, I forgotten how much work 2 babies are! I don't know how Danica is going to do this! I need to write a 20 page paper that is Due Monday on Pentecostal Christians and I need to prepare my live chat for Monday night and grade!!!! ACH. I have to run, Jensen the human terror, the powerhouse of destruction is waking up! He stole a cupcake off some child's plate at the neighborhood BBQ and smeared alot of it on his face but the part that reached his blood stream made him into a supercharged atomic particle.


b-ryce said...

Hey Tiger Lilly!!! At least she is a dream. Good luck Danica with the two kids! I can't imagine that laundry nightmare!

Mikidees said...

Thanks for coming AND doing my laundry. The fun part is I get to start it all over again tommorow:)

mark said...

Did we do all that work when we had 3 kids under 3, cloth diapers and only one car? How did you survive?