Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Driving Vacation

Friday the 31st of August, Mark had business in Provo, so I got to play and go running with my grandchild Sammy. Sammy makes me feel special because he speaks Portugese all month to his parents but when I visit him, he switches to English. What a brilliant kid. He came up with this cute ritualfor singing his birthday song. He swings his Lighty McQueen(from the Disney movies "Cars") birthday bag and sings Portuguese style and then he pulls out his presents. He seemed to enjoy it and he'd always say "again" at the end so we did it 57 times. I've included the movie. Marcinia told me that she wanted to buy Sammy some Lighty McQueen underwear. Sammy jumped up and down and sang "underwear! underwear!" Then he said "Mommy, do I like underwear?"
On the way home to Denver, by way of Aspen, Mark planned a surprise for me. After 16 years of living in Colorado, we saw one of it's most spectacular beauties. We hiked up to Maroon Bells. It's my new favorite place. These 2 metamorphosed mountains have a maroon tint to them in the sunlight and are shaped a little like bells. There's several gemstone colored lakes to reflect the mts. Because there are so many aspen trees there, and the beetle kill is negligible, we are going again for the fall leaves and it will look like this px.

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Mikidees said...

I bet you guys had a great time! You will have to take us next time.