Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Bright and Beautiful in my fall quarter 2007

You are looking at a px of my new Nissan Z convertible. 320 HP 6 speed. Here's my schedule. Monday, Wednesday prepare all day for 3 online classes. Two in Art appreciation and one on Ethics. Tuesday Thursday, prepare all day to teach Business and Psychology. OK. So I'm so thankful I get to teach. But it it is pretty lonely at this computer. Still....I can have a totally crappy day sitting all alone preparing and delivering the online chats. But, then I take a break and just drive up the street to the post office I'm very happy again. The other thing is our tree out front. It's really beautiful. Look how much it changed in just a week. Sometimes there is so much pressure to get prepared, I have to reflect on the 2 hours I spend with Danica when I went up to see Lily. You know how Danica has the reputation for being a tom-boy. I was so shocked when she suggested this. We went for my first ever pedicure at a beauty school in Rexburg. They put your feet in warm water and rub them with lotion and I sat in a massage chair! Oh, it was relaxing. I was transported to an other worldly plane of existence.


b-ryce said...

I can't tell which is prettier, the red car or the red leaves. Keep us updated on the job situation!

Celeste and Brad said...

that tree looks really pretty. and that car is smokin'. sounds like a great fall.