Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas 2007

Jensen loves to yell! He loves to eat! He loves to play! He really needs a bath by the end of the day!

Sammy is so imaginative! He gets under my sofa table and says he is in "Mac" who is the semi from his favorite movie "cars".

We went to the aquarium to see Dad for the New year. It's pretty exciting when the diver in the restaurant aquarium is your husband.

First Bryce Marcinia and Sam came to the house on the 22nd. We also had Christmas dinner with Nagham Mem and Wasana. They really took to the ornament making craft we were doing and we sat for hours and folded an pinned into Styrofoam balls. They called themselves the Asian factory.

We made the super dooper mother of all gingerbread houses with lights inside and Sammy sorted all the red and green skittles and Noga wrote "ho ho ho" in skittles and baked all the gingerbread reindeer.

Marcia really fooled Bryce. He thought this guitar hero was for Mark. When you invite 20 year olds to Christmas, you get technical stuff.

20 blissful days of holding at least one Grandchild each day.
Then Dave and Danica came with JJ and Lily. Lily is fatter and smiles more than ever. Then Celeste and Brad and Brooklyn rolled in on the 29th. They all played heroscapes with awesome sweet silver surfer. We took our Christmas px which evolved into a West Virginia gunshot wedding.

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b-ryce said...

We had lots of fun! Thanks so much for putting all that work into cleaning up the house and getting new towels and everything. Thanks for all those great meals. You put a lot of time and money into cooking for all our hungry mouths, and they all turned out great :)