Thursday, January 31, 2008

Valentine's PX 2008

Hidee y'all
We were fixin on last years Christmas picture bein our last. But Tiana, serving in the West Virginia Charleston Mission, goes and gits her overalls in a bunch about endin the tradition of getting all the kin together for a pichur. So to honor her, and cause Bryce had been aimin to marry Marcinia since Sam was born, we did a “Shotgun Weddin”. Even though a bear et the preacher right after the “I do’s” we were able to take this pichur by feedin it the reception food; Vienna sausages, beef jerky, moon pies and nacho cheese Doritos. Plans for the honeymoon include tickets to the Monster Truck Show.
Mark is still doing Financial planin for rich folks. He started a new hobby of volunteerin at the aquarium so he can swim evrsoften (mountainism for “ever so often”) with the sharks in those newfangled breathing tanks they call scubee or some such. His lazy bone took over and he decided it was easier to spray weedkiller on the lawn than mow it. Couple of the trees died, but now we don’t have to rake the leaves.
Tracy finally found a hairdo that attracts bees. She is still teachin psychology at the community college, working on her PhD so she won’t be so ignert. For instance, juhere (Mountainism for “Did you hear”) that even if you're certain that you are included in the will, it's considered tacky to drive a U-Haul to the funeral home?
Celeste is a stay at home mom in Illinois with her lil one Brooklyn (8 mo). She sashays around teaching daints and choreographing high school plays. It’s goin to be diffcult cawse cute lil Brooklyn is real real attached to her ma and persnickkity about who she’ll let hold her. Brad is getting his PhD so he won’t be so ignert in some kinda computer robotics. He will be a classic product of the superior Nawthun educational system,
Bryce is completing his MBA and is a project manager over flash programmers for a web design or some such. Bryce’s new rugrat will be born pert nigh Valentines. Shucky dern, Marcia will be excited to pop this one out. Samuel (age 3) is a very active and imaginative lil tyke and sometimes Bryce has to use the scope on his huntin rifle to locate him in the marsh by Utah Lake.

Nemmine (Never mind) that, Ah just can’t understand all this computer stuff my sons are doin. Ah thought DOWNLOAD was gettin the farwood ofn the truck, MICRO CHIP was whuts left in the munchie bag, and LAP TOP was whur the kitty sleeps and SOFTWEAR was them dang plastik forks and knives.
Danica is also stain’ at home with JJ (22 mo) and Lily (3 mo). Sumpins goin' on with her husband Dave. He might intern here in Denver after he gradjeates in April in geology and geological information systems and they’d live in our basement for a few months. OOOEEE!!!! I love holding Tiger Lily and runnin after Jensen. Course Jensen and Lily are always picken up things ofen the groun and putting them in their mouths and we have to yell “Warsh that squarsh, Bubba ... you don't know where its been!"
Tiana is servin in Lynnchberg VA. Oer yonner her Landlord called us to tell us what a great missionary she was. I cudnt unnerstand a wurd he sed ... must be from some farn (foreign) country. She asks folks all the time, “Jew want to read attair (that there) Book of Mormon, son, or just stand there and gawk at us sisters?" She always was purty as a speckled pup.
Don is serving Uncle Sam in Iraq. It’s a fur piece and it’s hotter than hades down thar. He’s been tryin to be a good example to his new LDS friend (Lewis) in his Marines unit because he knows if he doesn’t his mama’s gonna whup him fer sayin' cuss words and such. He only cum across one unexploded grenade so far, and that didn’t amount to doodly squat, at least that’s whut he tells us.
Austin is servin in Londun, Ontario Canada. It's phraisin (freezing) up thar. Lans-sake he is bold. He met a wild lookin motorcycle man on a Harley and said “Can Ah cyst you with the rest of your life, sir?” and that guy ended up joining the church along with his family. He met three young men at a bus stop and said, “Ah bleeve we ought to teach you the gospel.” Austin inhales any food he is brung. You should be there when he hits the dinner table, attair food flys everwhichaways and for long it’s all in his gullet.
Muchablige for readin our family news,
The Barrand Family

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