Sunday, February 17, 2008

Visit to See Lucas, LDS Social Services

On Monday, I flew to Provo to visit my new Grandson Lucas. I got to play with Sammy and make a dinner. Mark sent me flowers for valentines while I was there.
Bryce lives in such a beautiful place. When Sam and I went for a walk one morning and threw chunks of ice into the holding pond, you could see snowy mountains all around.
Sam has a LOT of energy. When he gets wound up, he runs around saying things in Portuguese, his little legs spinning like a turbine out of control. I made the mistake of showing him the non-violent parts of Spiderman I. He was shooting webs out of his wrists and talking about "pidaman" all the rest of the week. He is doing something really cute. He is in the "why" stage. I say "Sammy, we need to put some long pants on because it's cold."
Instead of saying "why?" 400 times an hour like Bryce did, Sam says, "Porcause" which is a cross between "Porque" and "because"
On Friday, when I got home from Utah, I began to do therapy at LDS social services. Doing counseling at this agency has been a dream of mine for the last 15 years. I had 3 clients and I started learn the agencies computer system. I wore slacks instead of a dress(no one told me!), but all in all, it was wonderful. It feels so nice to do the thing I was trained to do. I am able to use my EFT training as well. There is an added aspect, another layer of help from God you can access that was never there when I did therapy at MHCD.
Nagham brought her brother to church who is visiting from Lebanon. I was assigned to teach the gospel essentials lesson on the Holy Ghost. My goal was to get everyone to participate at least 2x and share their experiences with inspiration and promptings. Nagham had an amazing experience this week helping another student get to her inclecs test in the blizzard….. No taxi’s would venture out. She was able to convince someone who knew how to drive but had no license to drive an ancient car out into the streets. Then that got stuck down and they were stranded. The nurse was weeping and wailing. Nagham prayed and stuck out her thumb and God sent a woman to pick them up. The woman couldn’t make it through the snow, but her husband was pressed into service. They arrived 1.5 hours late and were able to convince the testing center to let her take the test . This girl passed the inclecs! This is a huge accomplishment for these nurses and we are all praying for Nagham to be able to take her test soon.
After church, Sam and nagahm came over for Mexican food. I love these kids. They call me their American mom. The necklace and earrings I am wearing is from her Lebanese mom.


Aqualung said...

You did a great job teaching that lesson, not only did Nagum share her story but her brother also added his own story of feeling the spirit. The LDS clients at Social Services are lucky to have you.

b-ryce said...

thats great! I love hearing about the nurses. Sam is still very much on his spiderman kick. Thanks for spending time with him! Did her brother find a job?

Brad said...

I'm so jealous that you get to teach gospel essentials! You look very pretty in that picture.

Mikidees said...

Mom your o awsome. Lucas is a tiny man but huge cutie. Nagam's story is awsome . Yeah for the power of faith and prayer. I'm so excited you get to do what you have been trying for. Yeah ofr EFT!