Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter with the Nurses

Mark is in Utah and I am SOOOOO jealous he gets to be with the kids and grandkids at Easter. But, I had to teach a thursday night class at CCD and a Sat class at CCA so I couldn't go.

For Easter Dinner, I picked up Nagham my Lebanese daughter and her friend Two from Thailand and we went to church at the singles ward. Then Mam and Wasana and their partners came over for dinner. It was really fun. Two says she wants me to adopt her as well. They are always so greatful. Both the guys who came are certified divers and were telling me about the great diving in Thailand. These Thai women had never colored eggs or had easter.
Mam's husband was taking pictures a mile a minute. Everyone helpe with getting the food to the table. Nagham always makes me feel so good- she compliments my jewelry, and my new easter dress. I feel good about trying to give them a cultural experience, I feel even better that they kept me company on what could have been a very lonely holiday.


Mikidees said...

Mom we missed you but I am so glad you got to have a fun international time!

b-ryce said...

That looks like fun! Those nurses are wonderful!