Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm scuba certified! Cozumel cont.

So I've been worried about our trip to Cozumel for some time. It was a gift to Mark so he could scuba, scuba and more scuba, but after I said I'd go, and wondered if I should try to scuba, I had a nightmare about not being able to breathe under water though my regulator and about being eaten by a shark. So the first day there, all I did was snorkel and read my book at the beach.
Mark had two fantastic dives, and I decided to be brave and talked the Scuba company into letting me finish up my PADI certification. This is my trainer Santos. He is a Mayan and is really good at finding the best sights in the ocean. On our open water dive I saw a huge nurse shark and Santos had me 2 feet away from the cave of this large, large beast. (nurse sharks will bat you with their tails but not bite.......usually) The water was crystal clear and the coral was teaming with life. We saw some amazing fish and some langosta (big lobsters) chasing each other trying to mate.


b-ryce said...

those pics look great. That underwater camera you bought produces fabulous pics!

Aqualung said...

I can't wait to go diving with you again.