Monday, May 26, 2008

Branson MO

We flew into Kansas City and stopped to talk to the good folks at the temple plot in Independence. One guy who's on the actual site, was an 84 year old apostle of the Church of Christ. He thought we were very misguided.

Mark and I went to visit our good friends the Roedel's in Branson MO.Rick Roedel is part of the construction of "Branson Canyon" We are thinking of buying a nightly/weekly rental cabin there. Branson is a "clean smaller version of Las Vegas" We saw 2 shows and had fun shopping. The Lake is beautiful and many homes have views of the lake or beautiful green ozark mountains.

This is Table Rock lake.


b-ryce said...

Looks like fun! What was the verdict?

Mikidees said...

Where did you find those beautiful young blond girls to take pictures of?:)

Aqualung said...

You left out the best part....We met the Dutton's!!!