Sunday, May 11, 2008

Community College of Denver

This week was my last Thursday night class at Community College of Denver. I am so glad I’ve decided not to drive there in rush hour traffic any more. Even when I left at 4:00 it took a whole hour to get to down town and then, to add insult to injury, I got to pay $4 a night for parking. But, I really liked my students in that class. They were a kick. They were a little older with some life experience. A couple of women with children, a Mexican with an accent so thick you could barely understand him, a perky dental assistant, a lesbian woman who brought her partner 2x, a bi-sexual woman, a girl who had to break up with her boyfriend during the semester because he’s alcoholic and wouldn’t help her raise their kid, several enthusiastic Hispanic women and last but not least, Chad. Chad is a slight young man but wears a ponytail, glasses and has large self-esteem. In introductions, he let on that he hadn’t chosen a major. Another time he let on that he was attracted to emaciated women. I thought that was fascinating. He’s a runner and was one of the few who read the assignment and made great comments. I really liked him. And at the end of class he came up last night and said, “I liked this class so much, and he way you taught it, I think I’m going to declare Psychology as my major.” I was really honored. I was so happy for him; I had to stifle myself from saying…..NO! It’s really hard to make money in this field!

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Celeste said...

wow, what a crazy sounding class. That is ao cool that you're students loved your class so much. I'm sure you were a very entertaining teacher