Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two wonderful days in BOSTON

This is Faneuil Hall, "The Cradle of Liberty" The edifice was home to merchants, fishermen, and meat and produce sellers, and provided a platform for the country's most famous orators. It is where colonists first protested the Sugar Act in 1764 and established the doctrine of "no taxation without representation." Firebrand Samuel Adams rallied the citizens of Boston to the cause of independence from Great Britain in the hallowed Hall, and George Washington toasted the nation there on its first birthday. I found I enjoyed the archtecture much more after teaching Art history.

I don't remember Boston being this amazing or this fun (I think I was pregnant and sick the first time we went). We saw to little Italy-the north end and had canoli and gelato and saw the North Church and Paul Revere's house.
Brad and Celeste have been in MA all summer for his internship and Celeste has become is the experienced traveler in Boston....well with a little help from Tom Tom. Brooklyn has toured all over for 3 months with her mom and no experienced tourist is complete without her sunglasses.
Celeste and Brooklyn and I had to try on the Paul Revere hats. Did you know there were actually three guys riding about at night trying to muster up about 4,000 revolutionaries to oppose the British lobster backs who were marching to Concord to seize weapons there.
Dad is trying to look like Samuel Adams


Celeste said...

I"m soo glad you guys were able to come!!! You are such a fun Grandma, and Brooklyn loves you so much.My favorite moments: exploring the North End, eating ricotta cheese canoli's from Maria's, shopping at target, putting the puzzel together,and having you all beat us at Phase 10!! Go mom!!

Mikidees said...

I wish I could have been there!

Julie said...

don't you love boston? melissa and douglas live in cambridge and love it there. laura and i are going to visit in september and can't wait. what a beautiful granddaughter!