Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Love FALL!

This was taken on Monday. Oh my goodness! It's so beautiful outside. Look at this tree! I planted this Autumn Blaze Maple 13 years ago when we first moved into the house.
This was Friday the 17th.
And this last one is 5 days later. For the beauty of the earth! And here's a px of our bike ride up to the top of the bluff. You can see the beautiful mountains and Highlands Ranch. Notice that a few other people have these red maples in their yards too! It was a perfect fall day.


Aqualung said...

The afternoon was made all the more beautiful by the bright rim lighting on your happy face. You're the best bike partner anyone could have. Love you dear.

Celeste said...

Highlands Ranch is beautiful!!!! You are so lucky to live there. But Mom you are the prettiest thing in the picture. (Bryce comment)

Mikidees said...

I love that tree!!!!

b-ryce said...

wow, that is amazing! I miss that tree. I have a lot of memories of that tree. Most dealing with being tp'd when I was in highschool.