Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend with Celeste & Tiana

Celeste brought Brooklyn and Tiana brought Preston Van Dyke over on the plane to visit us this weekend. Dad took Preston to play racquetball. And strangely enough Preston wants to play again at Thanksgiving when we go to Utah. We took all the grand babies to the Natural History Museum. The foam blocks in the the discovery room were a big hit with wild Jensen.

Lily was sleepy during our swim at the rec center. Bryce and Marcia, Sam and Lucas couldn't come because Bryce is trying to make up lost time at his job after his surgery. We missed them!
Tiana felt compelled to cut and color our hair and then clean cobwebs off the light fixtures. Celeste organized all my pantry. I love having these girls visit. They make things beautiful!

We had macaroni grill style italian food and played scattergories (Dad and I won) and apples to apples (Preston won) Preston also scored points by doing lots of dishes and holding lots of babies.

Brooklyn loved sitting on Danica, Tiana and Preston's laps.
Even though Celeste is pregnant and tired she is still fun. Brooklyn likes constant mommy attention. Only 3 weeks and Brooklyn gets to go into the nursery at church. Brooklyn has her own little language which doesn't comprise many actual words but is very effective and sometimes rather shrill.
Brooklyn and JJ are fearless in the water. They don't seem to mind if water gets in their faces, they just keep exploring and going, going, going.

The cousins at the rec center.
JJ still loves his Thomas trains at Gwamma and Gwammpa's house.


Celeste said...

Oh mom- it was so fun. Thanks for the new shirts for Brooklyn and I. Thanks for watching and playing with Brooklyn. I'm so impressed with your toy collection. Thanks for being a Wonderful Grandmother!!!

Mikidees said...

you got the best pictures:)