Sunday, November 09, 2008

Horse Riding Lessons

I graduated up to the paint quarter horse Shadow yesterday. He's a beaut. He loves to run and we did our trail ride through the cottonwoods just before sunset. The muted yellows and ochres of late fall were extraordinary. Here's a photo of a similar looking horse, except Shadow had his winter coat coming in and was really soft and shaggy. Someday, I hope to have a horse for every day of the week- A white Arabian for Sunday, A Palomino for Monday, etc. And I'll have a paint quarter horse for Tuesday and call him Hildalgo. That would be heaven. Maybe I'll have to wait for heaven :)


Aqualung said...

A horse for everyday of the week, I think that can be arranged as soon as I get my pet dolphin, and I only need one.

anna said...

I love to see you doing something you love so much.It makes me happy!

b-ryce said...

Lol, you and your horses mom! If I had a horse for every day of the week, I would name them things like Tuesday and Wednesday, but ride them on random days, so the name and the day would always be off... That would really confuse people :)