Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Week in Provo

I got to play with Sammy and Lucas in Utah. Sammy went wild with the 2 light sabers and his Yoda costume. I put on Darth Vader and we choreographed a few light saber battles. He is really a fun 4.5 year old. We took the family picture of all star wars in Bryce's neighbor's house. He had converted his garage into a photo studio with a big piece of black paper. He took one family at a time and then photo shopped us all together. That way he got better little kid faces and we only needed two light sabers and 1 Han Solo blaster gun.
Andrew got his eagle and the Hogan family showed up for the celebration. Also his mom and Jo. We saw most all my family the Hogan's last week in Utah. There were 60 people at my Sister's house. My dad has cancer and all the men gave him a blessing. I'm really worried about my mom if he goes.
Got the sincere and extreme pleasure of going shopping with my last lovely daughter to pick out her wedding dress. Tiana knew she wanted this one and only this one when she saw it on the mannequin. It's a french style dress, with sleeves she can move her arms in! We met Preston's mom and dad and they are lovely, active, wonderful people. They insisted on having her reception at the Pointe which overlooks the whole Salt Lake Valley. We are quite excited about this.
I also helped Tiana pick out bridesmaids dresses. I say that loosely. Tiana really knows what she wants and I just witness the tornado. She really loves Elder VanDyke. They are kissey, huggy smothery touchy all the time. It’s fun to see how happy they are and absolutely smitten.

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anna said...

wow...what a beautiful dress and a beautiful girl wearing it!! What a wonderful time, I am so happy for all of you guys!