Sunday, June 14, 2009

Horses and Mountains

OK. So we forgot our camera. But, I'm putting these two horse pictures to give you an idea of what a beautiful day Austin, and his friend Rebecca and I had on our trail ride.

We actually were just a few miles from home on the bluffs above Highlands Ranch. The grass was long, the wildflowers were in bloom. The sun shone after days of rain. Austin's horse, a fleabitten mare loved to eat (who does that remind us of?) and Rebecca's horse kicked me and my horse if we got too close. Never the less, the gentle rocking in the saddle drove all my stress away. I was a wonderful way to spend Austin's last Saturday at home before he goes off to BYU this week.
Then we climbed Devil's Head mountain with Mark. Oh how I love Colorado Mountains!


Aqualung said...
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Aqualung said...

Funny I thought I could recognize you in one of those pictures.

Angela Annjilla Ferny Fern said...

Those pictures look like Paintings!

b-ryce said...

I'm excited for all the austin time that I'm going to get. Take those same pictures but put gnarley mountain bikes in the place of all the horses.

We are excited to see you this weekend!

Celeste said...

That looks amazing mom, I'm so jealous!!!