Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Preferred Care at Home goes to the Zoo

You are looking at our booth for "Preferred Care at Home" at the recent Denver Zoo Health Fair. Our Team from left to right : Jackie, Our Senior Real Estate agent, Margaret our Nutrition Therapist, Sharon our RN for the medical side, Me the Care Coordinator, Sherry Ross our Director of Mktg and Rick Roedel the Administrator.We love when Dave goes out of town for work, Danica fixes dinner and brings it over for Aussie and I. After a long day of work, two of my favorite things, food and grandchildren. But right after our first attempt at a picnic, it rained and rained. Everything is emerald green. I've never seen Colorado so green. I don't handle dark and cold and wet rainy weather well. I've been doing wierd things. I search through my bag for my phone while I am talking on it. It's as if synapses in my brain don't connect. I lock my keys in the car. It's June 2 and I'm sitting here in my ski sweater with the furnace on. Blach.


b-ryce said...

Thats unfortuante. We are loving the weather here. I love the pics of the family, and we miss you guys!

Aqualung said...

I'm afraid that those memory lapses are a sign that you're living with a grandpa. It causes things like that. I've perfected my memory loss to the point I don't remember the mental burps to write them down.

Mikidees said...

It is soo nice to have you around! Especially when Dave has to bee gone.