Sunday, July 04, 2010

July 2010

Wow it's fun to have 3 grandkids close by. Here is the result of putting the little tykes slide into the little pool filled with warm water from the hot tub. Lily and JJ went a little crazy with their little friend.

Lily is so precicous! I was watching her at a park while Danica was at girls camp and she bit a big boy on the arm. Then she saved the day by remembering where I had put my cell phone when it was lost. I can't get enough of these kids.

3 times a year I get to go out to eat with my Birthday Girlfriends. We've done this for like 14 years. We were all in the same ward together and have kept up this tradition. Here we are at the Brio which serves pretty good Italian food in Park Meadows Mall. From right to left it's Jill Maxwell, Karen Foreman (both of whom are finished with their masters degrees and are almost licensed therapists) and Maryanne Knudsen. Our kids hung out together and are now pretty much grown. We always have a lot to talk about.
We really like to go to the mountains in July because the wildflowers are abundant. Here are some of the kids we saw.We climbed Mt. Baldy. There are great views of Breckenridge across the valley. Then we found the perfect hike to the Mohawk lakes. Pungent pine smell, sounds of birds, bright sunshine and craggy peaks. I am so lucky to live near the rocky mountains.


Celeste said...

That looks like so much fun! You look younger then all your friends!

Mikidees said...

I'm so thankful you live close so you can cut my hair while the kids swim in your pool. You are such a fun grandma THAT SPOILS HER GRANDKIDS WITH GARAGE SALE TOYS! I love you mom.

Aqualung said...

What a great trip, can we do it again sometime soon?