Sunday, July 25, 2010

Three New Things

Elders Dale and Westerland helped us rip out the old main floor bathroom. They really worked up a sweat on this one. This bathroom was pretty sad. Cabinet from the 80's and really poor quality tile with water damaged drywall. Ugh.
Our friend and builder extraordinaire Larry Baldwin did the plumbing and tile work.
And this is the finished product. I'm so thankful for the new and improved, really clean and attractive results.

Now my broken arm is healed, I started two new things. I'm lifting with a trainer 2 mornings a week and I ride Jotta, a thoroughbred out at Cottonwood Farms. Between the two I am always sore somewhere.
Jotta is a very lovable animal. She's likely to rub her big head on your chest when you first meet her. She's awesome about responding to my commands, even though I just learning.

"The average Thoroughbred stands 16 hands (64") high at the withers, and weighs 1,000 pounds. Able to sustain speed for extended distances. Thoroughbred can run up to 40 miles per hour. Thoroughbreds are used as racehorses and polo mounts, for show jumping and dressage, and by mounted police units and recreational riders. :

I'm definitely the recreational rider in the above description. My teacher does jumping and dressage. She's only about 5 feet tall, but you should see her control the towering animals. In English riding I'm trying to learn to keep my things loose and my calves tight. I'm so sore, I can barely walk.

OKay, so I must admit. I was prepared to be underwhelmed by the missionaries that just moved into our basement. But, wow. They are cute, clean and work really hard. We'll keep them.


Celeste said...

Can't wait to see the bathroom! That horse is gorgeous!

Aqualung said...

What is your next project?