Sunday, August 08, 2010

Family Reunion in Utah and a week with Celeste

Don Got Engaged to Leslie Galan while we were in Utah

Eating with the whole family in American Fork.

Hunter and Charley at the 7 peaks water park.

We got a baby sitter and went for a pedicure. Oh the luxury of the massage chair and being with my daughters getting our nails painted.

Celeste and I found amazing clothes, toys and books at Jessica Liu's Garage sale.

We hiked to devils head. I have forgotten how much I love this one hour him to the top of the mountains.
Brooklyn likes playing with my tea set.


Lady Baillio said...

I loved seeing this post. I went for my first pedicure last week and loved it.

Aqualung said...

Your blog cover a lot of summer 2010 highlights! Except for the pedicure.

Mikidees said...

Wasn't it so fun to have Celeste in town?