Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Week of Summer Vacation

With Celeste and Danica and 5 grandchildren in town, we went to the zoo, the pool and splashed in my backyard in the wading pool and with the slide. We ate at Cici's pizza where Lily held her ground in the video game room.
Grandpaw and JJ by the dinosaur in Utah.
Moving the kids through the zoo required some portage. I got a cutie (Charley)
Went to Utah, visited with my mom and dad, had lunch with Leslie, spent some time with Austin and traded vehicles with. Went SHOPPING with Tiana. Came back a day early and Mark took me on a hike to rocky mtn. forest.

Oh, it's so sad to see summer end. Do I really have to start teaching 5 sections of psychology 101 tomorrow! Ach!


Mikidees said...

You got some awsome shot! and I love you new background.

Aqualung said...

You make any hike sunny and worthwhile. The trees and waterfalls are just a bonus.